Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Nowadays, we are living in a world where the system of media has transformed famous artists, business man and architects into “stars”.  People like Zaha Hadid and many others, have been conseidered contemporary myths of Architecture and magazines like “Intelligent Life” in which we can find the article  of Jonathan Meades that pushes the general opinion in that direction.
Moreover, like film-stars, those Architects enjoy this status and they continue to play this role.  The British Architect Zaha Hadid iso ne of the easiest examples of this phenomenon and, as we have readed in J. Meades’s article, Z. Hadid is a “starchitect”.
She does not care about the context because it is synonymous of compromise.  She said that computers are not just tools, exactly the opposit of the general opinion: she wants to be different. In fact, she wants to be an actress in any occasion, different from everybody else: this is her role.
In my opinion, Zaha Hadid is following the “theory of the ¥€$” (¥en, €uro and $ Dollar) in which money is the only inspiration and the way to design. As a result, Architecture loses its soul, and represents only a promotion of the politician or of the rich man who wants to show his power through the spectacular building and nothing else.
Those Architects create “colossal building” like “colossal film” in the cinema industry, without soul, without the Genius Loci and who lives these edifices will never enjoy them. These constructions are not Architecture, they are U.F.O. landed in the middle of cities.

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